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Since the commencement of the latest transition to democracy, up until today, the Spanish case has come to be known as an example of a "Model of Oblivion". This means it is a model based on the denial of any truth recovery, investigation, prosecution and reparation related to crimes committed during the Civil War, the Franco dictatorship and at the beginning of said transition.

In this regard, international consensus is clear and can be summarized in what are known as "principles of transitional justice". Its four pillars provide that in the case of crimes committed before a transitional process, the state must realize and guarantee the rights to truth, justice and reparation for the victims, as well as take all necessary measures to ensure similar cases never occur again.

Most recently, many international bodies have not only reminded Spanish authorities that they are falling short of their international obligations in this regard, but they have also acknowledged the reality of the Spanish "case” or “model"; especially in light of the fact that tens of thousands of disappeared persons’ fate and whereabouts remain unknown.


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