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Juveniles and procedural rights

Study visit


Following the first part of the project which has focused on research, partners organised a study visit for legal practitioners from Hungary, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands to France, in order to learn more about an interesting practice which is being applied there in relation to the representation of children in criminal proceedings .

The objective of the study visit is to bring participants from the other 4 project countries to France in order to expose them to an interesting practice which has been identified in France during our research, with the aim to exchange with their French counterparts and explore the transferability of the practice in their respective countries. 

Interesing practice identified: The bars of some courts in France have mitigated the difficulties of children being represented by different lawyers at each stage of the process by organizing their juvenile committees to ensure a specialized legal service and the presence of lawyers to assist, within a short period, in the defence of accused children from the first moments of proceedings. Some bars, thus, implement methods to ensure that each child has a lawyer of reference, which avoids children having several lawyers in the event of repeat offences. In addition, some measures include transversal legal aid involving lawyers who specialize in juvenile law, but also working across different legal domains (civil, criminal and administrative). These holistic legal service mechanisms, best demonstrated by the Juvenile Branch Office of Paris (Antenne des mineurs de Paris), ensure an efficient access to legal assistance.

The study visit took place from 30 January to 1 February 2017.