defending rights and civil liberties

  • #EUTakeAction

    Comisión Europea: ¡Actúen contra los ataques a valores esenciales de la UE en España! ¡¡Haz oír tu voz y firma la petición!!
  • Say No to the ‘Gag Law’

    Rights International Spain has been warning of it since the preliminary draft of the Public Safety Law reform was presented: freedom of expression and assembly, which are crucial to the proper functioning of a democratic state under the rule of law, are in serious danger in Spain. The ongoing reform of the Public Safety Law, also referred to as the “Anti-protest Law” or “Gag Law”, aims to prevent citizens from exercising their legitimate right to peaceful protest by penalizing acts that are clear examples of peaceful and responsible exercise of their fundamental rights to participate in public affairs, to freedom of assembly and to freedom of expression.
  • Beyond Surrender

    Beyond Surrender aims to look at the use and abuse of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and its impact on the life of the defendants and their families. The project, funded by the EU Commission, is being coordinated by Fair Trials and implemented in cooperation with four partner organisations in Lithuania (Lithuanian Human Rights Monitoring Institute), Poland (Helsinki Committee in Poland), Romania (APADOR-CH) and Spain (Rights International Spain).
  • Criminal Procedure Reform

    El 15 de octubre de 2014 tuvo lugar la primera comparecencia de Catalá ante la Comisión de Justicia del Congreso después de su nombramiento como Ministro de Justicia tras la dimisión de Gallardón. En ella anunció que se impulsaría una nueva reforma, parcial, de la Ley de Enjuiciamiento Criminal.