defending rights and civil liberties

The protection of the right to a fair trial and due process requires: access to a lawyer, information, interpreters or translators, respect for the right to defence and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, the right for all parties to be heard, equality of arms, the hearing of cases without undue delay by independent and impartial courts, stating the reasons for their decisions, as well as the right to an appeal process that allows the review of rulings by a higher court.

The European Union has initiated a harmonization process of laws within Member States regarding criminal matters, in order to promote and improve the right of access to justice and the guarantees of a fair trial.


  • Joint letter calling on United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of migrants to withdraw legalization of summary returns
  • Joint letter calling on the Council of Europe to press Spain to withdraw legalization of summary returns
  • Letter to Popular Parliamentary Group on the Legalization of Summary Returns
  • Letter to Socialist Parliamentary Group on the Legalization of Summary Returns
  • Joint letter to Dimitris Avramopoulos, Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Union, on the legalization summary devolutions from Ceuta and Melilla.
  • Communication to UN Special Rapporteur concerning attacks on judicial independence in Spain
  • Carta conjunta a la Comisaria Europea de Justicia, Consumidores e Igualdad de Género relativa al derecho a interpretación y a traducción en los procesos penales en España
  • Queja ante JS de la Policía de Madrid por circular que ordena no cumplir Directivas UE
  • Comunicación conjunta a Relatoría Especial ONU denunciando nuevos ataques a la independencia judicial en España
  • Declaración conjunta ante el Consejo de DDHH de la ONU con ocasión de la aprobación del informe del II Examen Periódico Universal de España